Environmental/HazMat racks for small containers

Proveedor: CEMO
CEMG8091EA 533 EUR
CEMG8091 CEMG8092 CEMG7856 CEMG7820
Environmental/HazMat racks for small containers
Mobiliario Estantes
For storage of water-polluting substances in small containers up to 30 L capacity.

  • With general construction inspection approval no. Z-40.22-388
  • Each level can support up to 200 kg

Environmental/HazMat rack 13/20 is completely hot-dip galvanised and equipped with a 20 L leak-tight tray bottom welded in accordance with StawaR (German guidelines for the requirements of steel container trays of capacity up to 1000 L) lowest storage level.

Environmental/HazMat rack 10/20 is completely galvanised and can be assembled without screws or tools. It has 5 shelf floors which can be positioned in mounting points that have 25 mm spacing and two 30 L, PE collection trays.
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