PCR primers, Mouse Ig-primer set

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PCR primers, Mouse Ig-primer set
Reactivos de ácidos nucleicos Primers and Probes
The Mouse Ig-Primer Set is designed for amplification of immunoglobulin (Ig) variable region cDNAs. Mammalian light- and heavy-chain Igs contain conserved regions adjacent to the hypervariable complementarity defining regions (CDRs). Appropriately designed oligonucleotide primer sets enable these regions to be specifically amplified using PCR, after which the products may be sequenced directly or cloned.

Total RNA is isolated from a B-cell source, such as peripheral blood, lymph node(s), spleen, or hybridoma, and first-strand cDNA is prepared using reverse transcriptase. The primer sets are then used in PCR to specifically amplify the variable regions of light- and heavy-chain cDNAs.
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