HPLC columns, Polaris™ C18-ether

Proveedor: Agilent Technologies
VARIA2021050X046EA 827 EUR
VARIA2021050X046 VARIA2021050X100 VARIA2020050X046 VARIA2020150X030 VARIA2021150X010 VARIA2021150X030 VARIA2021100X020 VARIA2021050X020 VARIA2020050X020 VARIA2021250X020 VARIA2020250X040 VARIA2020250X046 VARIA2020250X020 VARIA2021250X046 VARIA2020250X100 VARIA2020150X046 VARIA2021150X046 VARIA2021150X020 VARIA2020150X020 VARIA2020150X040 VARIA2020100X030 VARIA2021050X030 VARIA2021075X020 VARIA2020250X030 VARIA2020250X212 VARIA2020125X040
HPLC columns, Polaris™ C18-ether
Columnas de cromatografía
Polaris™ C18-ether phase has a rapid high resolution separation based on ultra pure silica to which alkyl chains and polar modifications are attached.

  • Enhanced retention and peak shape of polar analytes
  • Increased retention for basic analytes
  • pH range 1,5 to 10

Polaris™ C18-ether offers a different selectivity from C18-A with particular utility for hydrogen bond-donating compounds and typically delivers increased retention of polar compounds away from the void volume.
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