Electron beam evaporating crucibles, glassy carbon

Proveedor: Thermo Fisher Scientific
40961.KTEA 310 EUR
40961.KT 40965.KT 40960.KT
Electron beam evaporating crucibles, glassy carbon
These crucibles are manufactured from glassy carbon.

  • Resistance to all wet decomposition agents
  • No contamination of analytical samples
  • Stability to acid and alkaline melts
  • No wetting effect of metal melts
  • Good resistance to thermal shock allows rapid heating and cooling times
  • Resistive to abrasive wear
  • Good electrical conductivity

Glassy carbon, a brittle form of carbon with a randomised structure, has certain specific properties making it appropriate for fields of application outside the scope of carbon types previously known. Glassy carbon offers high purity, corrosion resistance, thermal stability and a structure impermeable to both gases and liquids.
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