Calcium assay kits, FLIPR® Calcium 6 and 6-QF assay kits

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Calcium assay kits, FLIPR® Calcium 6 and 6-QF assay kits
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The FLIPR® Calcium 6 and 6-QF Assay Kits provide a fast, simple, and reliable fluorescence based assay for detecting changes in intracellular calcium. The Calcium 6 Assay Kit significantly reduces fluorescence background with a one-step protocol. The Calcium 6-QF Assay Kit provides a quench-free option for sensitive targets or multiplexing applications.

  • Maximises fluorescent signal by reducing cell wash artifacts
  • Reduced well-to-well variability, improving assay quality (Z' factor) and reliability (CV %) of high-throughput screens
  • Mix-and-read protocol accelerates assay workflow and increases throughput
  • Superior signal-to-noise ratio facilitates confirmation of endogenous or transiently transfected receptor activity during assay development
  • Pre-optimised and validated protocols for the FLIPR® Tetra and FlexStation® Systems ensure navigation to both routine and unconventional cell lines and targets

FLIPR® Calcium 6 Assay Kits contain a dye formulation that enhances the calcium flux assay with an increased signal window. The substantial increase in signal amplitude helps to rekindle low signal screens; including endogenous, primary or stem cell targets. Additionally, the novel dye is unaffected by organic anion exchange proteins, enabling measurement with minimal to no probenecid present.
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