Direct magnetic IP/Co-IP kit, Pierce™

Proveedor: Thermo Scientific
PIER88828EA 544 EUR
Direct magnetic IP/Co-IP kit, Pierce™
Sistemas para purificación de proteínas Protein Purification Kits
The Direct Magnetic IP/Co-IP Kit uses NHS-chemistry to covalently immobilise IP antibodies onto magnetic beads for effective immunoprecipitation and co-immunoprecipitation.

  • Complete antibody conjugation and immunoprecipitation in less than 4 hours
  • Use with any antibody species, class or isotype
  • Low non specific binding – bead surface is pre-blocked and all non reacted NHS-ester groups are fully quenched
  • Protein coupling to the beads and immunoprecipitation can be performed manually or by automation

The activated magnetic beads contain N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) functional groups, which react with primary amines on antibodies to form stable amide linkages. The antibody is first coupled to the NHS-activated magnetic beads in an amine-free buffer. The antibody-coupled beads are washed to remove any non-covalently bound antibody and quenched. The prepared beads are incubated with the antigen sample, washed to remove non-bound material
and eluted in a low-pH elution buffer to dissociate the antigen. The kit includes optimised buffers that minimise non specific binding and maximise antigen yield. Lane marker sample buffer is included for preparing samples for SDS-PAGE analysis. The beads are manually removed from the solution with a magnetic stand or by automation.

Información de suministro: The kit includes NHS-activated magnetic beads, 1 ml; IP lysis/wash buffer, 2×50 ml; elution buffer (pH 2,0), 5 ml; lane marker sample buffer, non-reducing, (5X), 5 ml; neutralisation buffer (pH 8,5), 0,5 ml; 0,67 M borate buffer, 1 ml, BupH borate buffer pack, 1 pack; quenching buffer, 25 ml.
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