Multi-parameter meters, bench, Lab 875 / 875P

Proveedor: SI Analytics

663-0329EA 2000 EUR
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Multi-parameter meters, bench, Lab 875 / 875P
Medidores electroquímicos Medidores de pH
The compact, digital precision meter Lab 875 enables users to carry out pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen (DO) measurements quickly and reliably. The meter features a digital measuring channel which can be connected to IDS® sensors. The IDS® technology allows optimised measurements and efficient documentation.

  • Digital sensor recognition
  • CMC (continuous measurement control) for monitoring the congruency of measuring and calibration range for pH
  • QSC (sensor quality control) allows evaluation of the sensor quality
  • Automatic, digital capture of all IDS® sensor data for traceability of measured values
  • User administration capabilities for the safe allocation of user and measuring results
  • Transmission of all data in *.csv format via USB interface to PC; if desired, formatted transfer to Excel (MultiLab® Importer software required, included in the delivery)
  • Output directly to an optional integrated printer (model Lab 875P)
  • Integrated printer of the Lab 875P enables documentation of measurements according to GLP requirements

Información de suministro: Meter only (without sensor) is supplied with 4 batteries (1,5 V), power supply, USB cable (A plug on mini B plug), stand, operating manual and CD-ROM with USB drivers, manual, software MultiLab User and software MultiLab Importer.
Lab 875 and Lab 875P pH sets additionally include pH electrode BlueLine 14 pH IDS® and buffer solutions.
Lab 875 and Lab 875P Cond sets additionally include conductivity cell LF 413T IDS® and conductivity testing solutions.
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