pH and ORP electrodes, IDS, wireless ready

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SenTix® SensoLyt®
662-2129EA 578 EUR
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pH and ORP electrodes, IDS, wireless ready
Electrodos Electrodos pH
High quality, enhanced sensor technology combined with most modern measurement electronics. The electrodes feature a plug head which can either be connected to an IDS cable or to a wireless module.

  • Intelligent: Electrodes are automatically recognized by the meter, each sensor is exactly identified
  • Digital: Measurement signals are processed digitally, providing very accurate data
  • Measurement integrity benchmarking of the electrodes by QSC (Quality Sensor Control)
  • IDS electrodes store their serial number and their calibration records
  • Wireless ready: Disturbing cables are no longer required

Información para pedidos: Electrodes are supplied with plug head but without cable or wireless module which need to be ordered separately.
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