Multi-parameter meters, handheld, MultiLine® Multi 3510 IDS

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Multi-parameter meters, handheld, MultiLine® Multi 3510 IDS
Medidores electroquímicos Medidores de pH
This compact portable multi-parameter instrument enables measurements of pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen with intelligent digital sensors (IDS). It has a universal measurement channel for different parameters. The robust, waterproof design makes it ideal for measurements in the field and in the laboratory.

  • Well laid out menus make operation safe and easy
  • MultiLab® Importer software enables data acquisition via Excel®
  • QSC function for optimum tracking of sensor quality
  • Calibration records and additional information are stored in the sensor
  • Wireless-ready for IDS wireless modules (for cable-free operation)
  • Available as sets in cases with sensors and accessories

Información de suministro: Single meter (without electrodes) is supplied with case, MultiLab® Importer software, batteries, USB cable and short manual. The sets (except for set U) additionally include sensors.
Set U includes: Meter, case, instruction manual, stand, beaker, buffer 4 and 7, 3 mol/l KCl, conductivitiy standard, CD-ROM, driver software for USB, rechargeable batteries, USB cable, power supply, armoring SM Pro.
Please note: A wireless module is required for use with the wireless electrodes. This module is not included and needs to be ordered separately.
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