Flow metres, Riteflow®, SP Bel-Art

Proveedor: Bel-Art
BELAH404040010EA 783 EUR
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Flow metres, Riteflow®, SP Bel-Art
Medidores de flujo
These flow meters are made of heavy-walled, shock-resistant borosilicate glass for use at diverse pressure and temperature conditions.

  • Uniformly tapered to stabilise the glass, stainless steel or carboloy floats
  • Magnifying window running the length of the scale
  • Optional levelling base eliminates error by friction between the float and tube
  • Millimetre scales indicate the height to which the float rises and are correlated with specific rates through appropriate calibration data sheets or curves
  • High chemical resistance and purity: Straight glass connectors with PTFE and Kel-F® valves

Used in the lab, process flows in pilot plants, metering carrier gases in chromatography, indicating and controlling gases in manufacturing processes, and for indicating flow rates in pumping or flow systems.

Maximum temperature: 121 °C
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