Magnetic beads, Sera-Mag SpeedBeads Amine-blocked particles

Proveedor: Cytiva
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Magnetic beads, Sera-Mag SpeedBeads Amine-blocked particles
Perlas Bolas magnéticas
Sera-Mag SpeedBeads Amine-Blocked Particles reduce undesired protein adsorption.

  • Non-surfactant, non-protein blocking reagent provides very low non-specific binding of proteins from the sample matrix
  • Fast reaction kinetics increases throughput and precision, and also enables faster movement through viscous solutions
  • Unique cauliflower-like surface provides increased area for binding reactions compared to smooth surface particles
  • Uniform, nominal 1 μm diameter provides excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility

Sera-Mag SpeedBeads Amine-Blocked Particles combine a fast magnetic response time and high binding capacity with a large surface area, high sensitivity, stability, physical integrity, and fast reaction kinetics. Typical applications include molecular biology, nucleic acid isolation, research, and clinical diagnostic immunoassays.
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