Magnetic beads, Sera-Mag Oligo (dT) coated magnetic particles

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Magnetic beads, Sera-Mag Oligo (dT) coated magnetic particles
Perlas Bolas magnéticas
Sera-Mag Oligo(dT)-Coated Magnetic Particles enable convenient mRNA isolation and extraction. Sera-Mag Oligo(dT) Magnetic Particles bind target mRNA through pairing of the polyadenylated RNA tail found on the 3' end of mRNA to the covalently bound oligo(dT) groups on the surface of the particles. This binding is easily accomplished using standard hybridisation conditions. Versatile and efficient methods for mRNA purification are critical, given that eukaryotic mRNA makes up only 1 to 3% of total cellular RNA. Sera-Mag Oligo(dT) magnetic particles remove 90% or more of mRNA from total RNA with just one extraction.

  • Convenient isolation and extraction of mRNA from a variety of sources for downstream applications such as RT-PCR, cDNA library construction, cDNA microarrays, affinity purification, primer extension, and subtractive hybridisation
  • Covalently bound oligo(dT)14 prevents leaching from the particle surface
  • Very high, specific poly A+ binding capacity ensures maximum extraction of mRNA
  • Fast reaction kinetics increases throughput and precision, and also enables faster movement through viscous solutions
  • Encapsulation means no exposed iron and minimised interference with downstream enzymatic applications
  • Uniform, nominal 1 μm Ø provides high surface area and excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility
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