VWR® Talon®, Swivel Clamps

Proveedor: VWR
VWR® Talon®
241-0407EA 145 EUR
241-0407 241-0408 VWRU21573-708 VWRU21573-606 241-0410 VWRU21573-504
VWR® Talon®, Swivel Clamps
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Nickel plated zinc or electro-polished stainless steel. These swivel clamps have an integral holder for attaching to a lab frame or other apparatus. The shaft wing nut allows the holding angle of the swivel clamp to adjust through 360° of rotation.

  • Holds apparatus near the lab frame
  • For circular or irregular objects
  • Built in holder grips rods up to 19 mm in Ø
  • Holder is adjustable for forward or reverse facing adjustment screws
  • Can be locked in place once desired position is achieved

Información de suministro: Supplied with non-slip vinyl sleeves and fiberglass covers for temperatures above 100 °C.
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