Hollow fibre filter modules, mPES membrane, MidiKros®

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SPECD02-E030-10-SEA 606 EUR
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Hollow fibre filter modules, mPES membrane, MidiKros®
Filtros Sistemas de flujo tangencial
Hollow fibre filter modules are particularly useful in tangential flow filtration because processes can easily be scaled-up from small volume applications to full-scale production.

  • Hollow fibre membranes are anisotropic in structure
  • Filter housings are engineered to handle higher pressures and autoclaving
  • Low protein binding increases the product yield of each processing run
  • These filters have FLL/FLL connections and come in three effective lengths

Tangential flow filtration is used in both microfiltration and ultrafiltration applications. Ultra-filtration membranes have a high-density skin layer for less fouling and a fairly open outer support structure for increased filtration rates. Micro filtration membranes have a retention defining microporous outer skin and a more open inner layer for increased filtration with higher recoveries. Single-use eliminates the need for costly stainless-steel systems and increases manufacturing flexibility.

Modified polyethersulfone (mPES) is an advanced hydrophilic membrane filtration chemistry that provides higher flux rates for faster processing times, excellent selectivity for separation applications.
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