Precision alcohol meters

Proveedor: AMARELL, ARNO
H850036/WC H850262 H850038/VC H850036/DKD3 H850146-FL H850030 H850032 H850034 H850036 H850038 H850140-FL H850142-FL H850144-FL
AMARH850036/WC AMARH850262 AMARH850038/VC AMARH850036/DKD3 AMARH850146-FL AMARH850030 AMARH850032 AMARH850034 AMARH850036 AMARH850038 AMARH850140-FL AMARH850142-FL AMARH850144-FL
Precision alcohol meters
Alcoholmeters of commercial grade.

  • With or without thermometer
  • Paper scales with well visible print
  • Thermometer inside the hydrometer body
  • Shot weighted body
  • Filling: Hg or Paraffine Oil (Pet)

Certificaciones: EU Directive 847/2012: Mercury products must not be sold in EU countries after April 10th, 2014 .
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