Bottle-top dispensers, Dispensette® S

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Dispensette® S
613-5240EA 417 EUR
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Bottle-top dispensers, Dispensette® S
Dispensadores de la parte superior del frasco
Fixed volume or variable volume, analogue-adjustable or digital easy calibration.

  • With or without recirculation valve
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C
  • Three different models of volume adjustment available: Fixed (fixed volume for standard applications; simple calibration adjustment with supplied tool) and Analogue (analogue volume display, fast volume adjustment; simple calibration adjustment with supplied tool)
  • Digital EASY CALIBRATION: Easy to read digital display; dispensing volume can be set accurately and reproducibly. Easy calibration technique for adjustment in seconds without tools; alteration of factory setting is automatically indicated
  • DE-M marking
  • Easy to calibrate and adjust in order to comply with ISO 9001 and GLP guidelines; alteration of factory setting is automatically indicated

Dispensette® S supports a wide range of applications for the dispensing of aggressive reagents directly from the supply bottle; such as concentrated bases and acids like H₃PO₄, H₂SO₄ (with certain exceptions such as HCl, HNO₃, HF, and so on), saline solutions, and a variety of organic solvents. Parts that are in contact with the liquid are made from borosilicate glass, ceramic, platinum-iridium, ETFE, FEP, PFA, PTFE and PP (discharge tube safety screw cap). Colour code: Red.

* Special fixed volumes: 0,5 to 100 ml (please state when ordering)!

Información para pedidos: Dispensette® S is supplied with a DE-M marking, performance certificate, telescopic filling tube, recirculation tube (optional), mounting tool and PP adapters.
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