Oral fluid twist test

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Oral fluid twist test
Pruebas de drogas
The oral fluid twist test detects several drugs simultaneously. Simply collect the saliva with the swab, push down into the sample well and twist to secure. After one minute twist the sample well to introduce the saliva to the test area. Results are then readable in under nine minutes or as soon as negative lines appear. Oral fluid is the preferred medium to test when you are wanting to detect drug impairment.

  • Detects drug impairment
  • Test for up to six drug types simultaneously
  • Greater than 95% accuracy

Recommended markets and use are on-site screening, safety critical situations, random screening, for-cause screening and monitoring rehabilitation.

AMP – Amphetamines
COC – Cocaine
MAMP – Methamphetamines
MTD – Methadone
OPI – Opiates
PCP – Phencyclidine
THC – Cannabis

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