Hybridoma medium, UltraDOMA™

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Hybridoma medium, UltraDOMA™
Medios de cultivo celular
UltraDOMA™ Serum-free Hybridoma Medium is a formulation designed for the cultivation of murine, human, and chimeric hybridomas in batch culture and in hollow fibre bioreactors. UltraDOMA™ Medium is supplemented with recombinant human insulin, bovine transferrin and bovine albumin. The total protein concentration is 30 μg/ml. UltraDOMA ™ Medium does not contain L-glutamine.

UltraDOMA-PF™ is a protein-free formulation designed for the cultivation of murine, human and chimeric hybridomas. The lack of proteins in the formulation speeds downstream processing and purification. UltraDOMA-PF™ contains L-glutamine.

UltraDOMA™ Medium contains no human-derived proteins.
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