Blood culture system, Signal®

Proveedor: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Blood culture system, Signal®
Sistemas para diagnóstico Clinical sample collection/preparation
Blood samples are collected from patients, using strict aseptic technique and sterile equipment. The samples are inoculated into the blood culture bottles and mixed with the medium.

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The formulation of the medium encourages the growth of aerobic, anaerobic and micro-aerophilic organisms. The medium is also designed to create pressure in the sealed bottle when organisms are growing. The detection of positive pressure is by means of a growth indicator device which is connected to the bottle after the blood sample is added.

A positive pressure in the bottle displaces a quantity of blood/broth mixture into the chamber as a sign of microbial activity.

A positive result is indicated when the blood/broth mixture rises above the green locking sleeve of the growth indicator device.
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