Blood culture system, Isolator

Proveedor: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Blood culture system, Isolator
Sistemas para diagnóstico Clinical sample collection/preparation
The ISOLATOR tubes contains agents which lyse leucocytes and erythrocytes in blood, and block coagulation. The blood sample is transferred from the tube directly to conventional agar growth media for the purpose of isolation and identification of micro-organisms. The specific agents used in the tubes are:

  • Polypropylene glycol to block the foaming tendency of saponin
  • Purified saponin, effective and rapid cell lysing agent, non-toxic to micro-organisms
  • Sodium polyanetholsulphonate (SPS), which neutralises the bactericidal properties of blood and inhibits phagocytosis

The Isolator tubes are intended for the collection of volumes, paediatric blood samples to be used for isolation of micro-organisms.
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