Capillary columns, DB-WAX

Proveedor: Agilent Technologies
HEWL222-7033LTMEA 1950 EUR
HEWL222-7033LTM HEWL125-7062E HEWL127-7022LTM HEWL121-7043 HEWL121-7042 HEWL123-7013 HEWL125-7032LTM HEWL123-7012 HEWL128-7052 HEWL121-7042E HEWL121-7022E HEWL127-7013LTM HEWL127-7012E HEWL125-7062 HEWL122-7062E HEWL121-7022LTM HEWL123-7063E HEWL222-7013LTM HEWL123-7012LTM HEWL122-7012LTM HEWL127-7023LTM HEWL123-7033E HEWL124-7032 HEWL122-7033LTM HEWL123-7063 HEWL123-7062 HEWL127-7012LTM HEWL122-7012 HEWL122-7013 HEWL127-7023E HEWL123-7032E HEWL123-7032LTM HEWL125-7017 HEWL122-7013LTM HEWL127-7022 HEWL127-7023 HEWL125-7032E HEWL125-7012E HEWL122-7032LTM HEWL123-7032 HEWL123-7031 HEWL121-7023 HEWL122-7033E HEWL121-7022 HEWL126-7013 HEWL126-7012 HEWL128-7022 HEWL122-7032UI HEWL128-7032LTM 558-0370 HEWL122-7061 HEWL122-7062 558-0373 HEWL122-7063 558-0374 HEWL123-7033LTM HEWL127-7012 HEWL127-7013 HEWL125-7031LTM HEWL122-7012E HEWL121-7012 HEWL122-7032E HEWL121-7012LTM 558-0367 HEWL122-7063E HEWL125-7031 HEWL128-7032 HEWL121-7023LTM HEWL123-7013LTM HEWL122-7031 HEWL125-7037 HEWL122-7033
Capillary columns, DB-WAX
Columnas de cromatografía
These columns improve resolution of low boiling point analytes.

  • High polarity
  • Lower temperature limit of 20 °C
  • Column-to-column reproducibility
  • Bonded and cross-linked
  • Solvent rinsable

Polyethylene glycol (PEG)
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