Turbidity sensor for MultiLine® IDS meters, VisoTurb® 900-P

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Turbidity sensor for MultiLine® IDS meters, VisoTurb® 900-P
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VisoTurb® 900-P is an IR turbidity sensor for applications where turbidity can be directly measured in the sample. Its application range includes measurements in surface water, pumping tests and effluents of waste water treatment plants and other spot measurements.

  • Robust and reliable with exclusive corrosion proof titanium housing, waterproof and pressure resistant up to 10 bars
  • Works with all Multiline® IDS handheld meters, also in combination with additional IDS sensors (2 and 3 channel meters)
  • Can be connected via its universal plug head to the AS/IDS-x cables
  • Convenient 2 or 3 point calibration
  • Parameter: FNU or NTU

Measurement range: 0 - 4000 FNU
0 - 999 FNU: 0,3 FNU or ± 2 % (whatever is greater)
1000 - 4000 FNU: ± 5 % of value

Wavelength: 860 nm ± 15 nm
Measurement angle: 90°

Pressure resistance (IP 68): 10 bar

Información para pedidos: AS/IDS cable is not included and needs to be ordered separately.
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