Biopsy cassettes, ActivFlo™ Routine I

Proveedor: Leica
720-2470EA 133 EUR
720-2470 720-2462 720-2451 720-2463 720-2452 720-2460 720-2461 720-2466 720-2455 720-2456 720-2467 720-2277 720-2464 720-2453 720-2278 720-2454 720-2465 720-2459 720-2468 720-2457 720-2469 720-2458
Biopsy cassettes, ActivFlo™ Routine I
Casetes para histología Casetes de procesamiento de biopsias
ActivFlo Routine I cassettes are processing cassettes featuring a patented lateral vent design for maximum fluid exchange. The increase in fluid exchange results in less incidence of unfixed or under-processed tissues and faster fixation/processing of tissue specimens. These one piece cassettes have ‘frangible’ lids for easy removal. The cassettes are designed for optimal workflow in the Leica IP C Cassette Printer. They offer <1% printing error rate.

  • With 45° writing surface
  • Available in taped packaging for easy printer loading
  • Eleven colours in quantities of 1000 available
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