Cleanroom NovaSponges

Proveedor: Micronova

PolyMesh™ NovaCel™ NovaPoly™ MegaTex® NovaLite™
MICRSP6-745EA 14.9 EUR
MICRSP6-745 115-1877 MICRSP68-33 129-0638 129-0639 115-1817 MICRSP6-46 MICRSP6-363 MICRSP2-46 MICRSP68-46IR 115-1815 129-0641
Cleanroom NovaSponges
Toallitas Esponjas
Cleanroom sponges to meet every demand from isolators and laminar flow benches to equipment interiors and laboratory applications. Choose from a range of fabric covers for specialized cleaning.

  • Made with cleanroom approved materials
  • Durable, reusable and absorbent
  • Fabric covers securely sewn over reticulated urethane foam interiors
  • Shape and size options available
  • Available gamma irradiated for aseptic areas
  • Hold up to strong disinfectants
  • Autoclavable

NovaCel™ Sponge: Ultra-clean polyvinyl acetate, firm to the touch, but soft and pliant once wetted - ideal for lapping and polishing in wafer manufacture.

MegaTex® Sponge: Textured, thermally bonded, non-woven polyamide for textured surfaces, heavy soils, and viscous spills.
PolyMesh™ Sponges: 100% polyester with monofilament mesh - provides increased abrasion to remove photo resist, chemical deposits, and fluxes. Also used for fermentation tanks and veterinary laboratories.

NovaPoly™ Sponges: 100% smooth knit polyester - excellent disinfectant dispersal for a wide variety of cleanroom applications; FDA approved for indirect food contact.
NovaLite™ Sponges: latex bonded with rayon, chamois material, with 400% absorbency and great friction resistance - ideal for removing dust and fine powders in pharmaceutical, medical device and hi-tech cleanrooms. Excellent alternative to PVA where autoclaving is one of the criteria.

Microfiber Sponges: 80% polyester/ 20% polyamide material with superior cleaning ability and over 400% absorbency.
NovaSponges™: bonded, non-woven polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) - Soft and pliable, yet durable and hard wearing for wet or dry applications. Caution: Not recommended for use with isopropyl alcohol or chlorides.
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