QuickTask™ flat mops

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QuickTask™ QuickConnect™
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QuickTask™ flat mops
QuickTask™ mopping system. The QuickTask™ product line consists of a variety of knitted polyester, polyester/cellulose, microfibre/foam and microfibre flat mop heads that are easily installed onto a hinged mop head frame and QuickConnect interchangeable handle. QuickTask™ mop head frames are available in stainless steel or durable, autoclavable polypropylene.

  • All mop head covers are compatible with a wide range of chemicals and disinfectants
  • Ideally suited for cleaning floors, including perforated cleanroom floors and grates
  • TASK0300 is ideal for effective cleaning of polymeric flooring

QuickTask™ mop covers:

Polyester knit mop covers TASK0200 and TASK0250: These economical disposable mop covers are the lightest in the QuickTask™ range. Made of sorbent multi layer knitted polyester that is optimised for use on smooth surfaces and applies solutions evenly while removing contaminants. Supplied cleanroom laundered for more critical environments. Designed for single-use.

Looped Microfibre mop cover TASK0300: The most sorbent QuickTask™ mop cover, the small loop microfibre construction of TASK0300™ provides exceptional performance in removing liquids, soiling, residues and other contaminants from most surfaces. Microfibre construction for exceptional sorbency and mop-to-dry performance on wet surfaces. Can be laundered and autoclaved. Especially effective on polymeric flooring.

Looped polyester knit mop heads TASK0400: The cleanest and most durable mop head in the range, the medium length loops will conform to almost any shape, making it especially suitable for coving bases and wall/floor joints. Laundered and packed in an ISO Class 4 Cleanroom for a very low particulate level. Knitted tube microfibre polyester construction provides exceptional sorbency and drying of wet surfaces. Medium-loop design allows easy contact with irregular surfaces. Can be repeatedly laundered and autoclaved.

Polyester/cellulose blend mop cover TASK0500 and TASK0550: The lightest mop cover in the QuickTask™ range, TASK0500 and TASK0550 feature a polyester/cellulose cover over a polyester fibrefill core. Ideal for cost effective single-use. Highly sorbent mop cover is ideal for removing light soiling, residues and biofilms.

Polyester/cellulose blend mop cover TASK0600 and TASK0650: The unique microfibre face with foam core construction ensures excellent floor contact, sorbency and superior surface cleaning. Ribbed microfibre allows for exceptional cleaning, solution application and mop-to-dry performance. TASK0650 is validated sterile. Durable and economical, suitable for critical environments.

QuickTask™ mop head frames and QuickConnect™ handles:

Stainless steel and autoclavable polypropylene handles for QuickTask™ mops
Durable and lightweight hinged frames in stainless steel or blue polypropylene co-polymer
Quickly and easily slip into QuickTask™ mop head covers
Compatible with all common disinfectant solutions and most common solvents
Mop head frame 2749 is compatible with all Contec QuickConnect™ handles
All QuickTask™ hardware are fully autoclavable
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