Dodecacarbonyltriruthenium ≥99%

Proveedor: Thermo Scientific

10507.06EA 575 EUR
10507.06 10507.03
Dodecacarbonyltriruthenium ≥99%

Application: Carbonylation

Sparingly soluble in hydrocarbons (e.g. hexane, cyclohexane, benzene) and acetone. Solutions undergo some decomposition on strong heating

Formula: C₁₂O₁₂Ru₃
MW: 639,33 g/mol
Pto. de fusión: ∼ 150 °C (desc.)
Temperatura de almacenaje: Ambiente
Número MDL: MFCD00011209
Núm. CAS: 15243-33-1
EINECS: 239-287-4
UN: 3466
ADR: 6.1,III

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