Folic acid 97.0-102.0% (by HPLC) para bioquímica, Millipore®

Proveedor: Merck

M-Clarity™ quality level = MQ100

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Folic acid 97.0-102.0% (by HPLC) para bioquímica, Millipore®
Folic acid
Formula: C₁₉H₁₉N₇O₆
MW: 441,41 g/mol
Pto. de fusión: 250 °C
Densidad: 110 kg/m³
Temperatura de almacenaje: Ambiente
Número MDL: MFCD00079305
Núm. CAS: 59-30-3
EINECS: 200-419-0

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Resultados test especificaciones

Assay (HPLC, Calc.on anhydrous substance) 97.0 - 102.0%
Identity (HPLC) Conforms
Identity (IR-spectrum) Conforms
Absorption ratio (A₂₅₆/A₃₆₅) 2.80 - 3.00
Spec. rotation (α 20/D; 10 g/l; NaOH 0,1 mol/l; calc. on anhydrous subst.) +18 - +22°
Related substances (HPLC) (N-(4-aminobenzoyl)-L-glutamic acid (impurity A)) ≤0.5%
Related substances (HPLC) (Pteroic Acid (Impurity D)) ≤0.6%
Related Compounds (HPLC) (Total unspecified impurities) ≤1.0%
Water (According to Karl Fischer) 5.0 - 8.5%

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