Biological safety cabinets, Class III, MSC III series

Proveedor: CleanAir by Baker
CLEANH336001 CLEANH334001
Biological safety cabinets, Class III, MSC III series
Vitrinas de gases y recintos Armarios de seguridad biológica y microbiológica
These biological safety cabinets have been especially designed for the handling of microbiological agents, offering maximum protection to the product, the environment and the user.

  • Microprocessor air flow control
  • LCD display with lighting unit constructed outside the working area
  • Lexan window
  • Pre-filter construction at the inlet HEPA and the exhaust HEPA

Ergonomically designed, totally sealed which keep the user completely separated from the product by a physical barrier when total containment and user protection is required.

Certificaciones: EN 12469.
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