Affinity chromatography media, IgG Sepharose™ 6 Fast Flow

Proveedor: Cytiva
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Affinity chromatography media, IgG Sepharose™ 6 Fast Flow
Sistemas para purificación de proteínas Protein Purification Resins
lgG Sepharose™ 6 Fast Flow, from Cytiva, is based on the rigid Sepharose 6 Fast Flow matrix, with human IgG covalently coupled to it.

  • For affinity chromatography
  • Recombinant tagged proteins containing a protein A tag
  • Binds at least 2 mg protein A/ml medium
  • Suitable for tandem affinity purification (TAP) of protein complexes
  • Stable to all commonly used aqueous buffers

The improved mechanical characteristics of this Fast Flow medium allows high flow rates to be used for rapid and convenient single step purification of protein A fusion protein conjungates produced in prokaryotic expression systems. IgG coupled to the highly cross-linked 6% agarose matrix Sepharose 6 Fast Flow, designed for the rapid purification of protein A and protein A fusion conjugates.
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