Polybuffer for chromatofocusing

Proveedor: Cytiva
17-0713-01EA 317 EUR
GEHE17-0713-01 GEHE17-0714-01
Polybuffer for chromatofocusing
Polybuffers are used for chromatofocusing and the buffer forms a linear pH gradient after titration on Mono P columns. Chromatofocusing is a powerful protein separation technique separating proteins by isoelectric point (pI).

  • Resolves pI differences of 0,04 pH units
  • Mixtures of selected amphoteric buffering substances of different pI and pKa values
  • Polybuffer 74 for any pH gradient between 7 and 4
  • Polybuffer 96 for pH gradients that should begin above pH 7
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