Vacuum filtration system, MilliSolve™

Proveedor: Merck

MILFXX1604700EA 1650 EUR
Vacuum filtration system, MilliSolve™
Filtros Embudos de filtros de membrana
The MilliSolve™ filtration system has been designed for the filtration of liquid chromatography buffers and solvents under vacuum. The system uses a 0,45 µm membrane filter to eliminate particles which can shorten column life.

  • Automatic, continuous solvent and buffer filtration eliminates the need to pour during filtration
  • Conical 2 L flask bottom allows access to all filtered solvent or buffer
  • The 2 L receiving flask includes plug and tubing for storage, eliminating filtered buffer transfer, reducing contamination risk
  • Used for mobile phase preparation and buffer filtration

Vacuum filtration with this system also removes a large portion of dissolved gases from buffers, reducing the risk of air bubbles interfering with LC instruments.
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