Nucleic acid labelling and detection, AlkPhos Direct™ Labelling and Detection System

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Nucleic acid labelling and detection, AlkPhos Direct™ Labelling and Detection System
Reactivos para electroforesis Western Blotting Reagents
AlkPhos Direct™ Labelling and detection systems are based on the rapid, direct labelling of DNA or RNA probes with thermostable alkaline phosphatase. AlkPhos Direct™ combines the convenience of direct enzyme labelling (no blocking or antibody stages) with those of alkaline phosphatase detection (long light output and high sensitivity).

  • Fast and convenient system for all high sensitivity applications using DNA, RNA, or oligonucleotide probes
  • Hybridisation stringency can be controlled by elevating temperatures up to 75 °C
  • Detection of 60 fg target DNA (single-copy gene) in a genomic southern blot
  • ECF detection for quantitation experiments
  • Saves 2 to 3 hours over conventional indirect methods

Labelling is complete within 30 minutes in a single tube protocol and the resulting probe is ready for use in hybridisations without further purification. Due to the thermostable nature of the enzyme, hybridisation stringency can be controlled by adjusting temperature as well as salt concentration. The system can be used with either chemiluminescent or fluorescent detection reagents. The most sensitive result is achieved with CDP-Star™, a chemiluminescent substrate with a fast light output. Alternatively, the use of ECF substrate generates a fluorescent signal suitable for use with fluorescence scanning devices.

Información de suministro: Each system includes labelling reagent, crosslinker, control DNA, reaction buffer, hybridisation buffer, blocking agent, CDP-Star™ or ECF detection reagents.
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