Filter plates, 96-well, Streptavidin HP MultiTrap™

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Filter plates, 96-well, Streptavidin HP MultiTrap™
Microplacas Placas de filtro
Streptavidin HP MultiTrap™ 96-well plates can be used for protein enrichment, where a biotinylated antibody (or similar affinity molecule) is attached to the streptavidin and the protein of interest is enriched through the affinity interaction with the antibody.

  • Fast, reliable protein enrichment in prepacked 96-well filter plates that are ready to use
  • Fast and flexible protocol with elution conditions formatted for both electrophoresis and LC-MS analysis workflows
  • Useful for exploiting either the strong interactions of biotin and streptavidin or the somewhat weaker interaction of 2-iminobiotin and streptavidin
  • Each well is pre-packed with Streptavidin Sepharose HP for reproducibility and high performance
  • MultiTrap™ 96-well filter plates can be used with centrifugation or vacuum, manually or in automated robotic systems

Streptavidin HP MultiTrap™ can also be used for the direct enrichment of proteins that are biotinylated. By binding a specific biotinylated protein to the column, protein-protein interactions can also be investigated.

Información para pedidos: Collection plates have to be ordered separately.
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