Multimodal chromatography media, Capto™ Core 700

Proveedor: Cytiva
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Multimodal chromatography media, Capto™ Core 700
Sistemas para purificación de proteínas Protein Purification Resins
Capto™ Core 700 is designed for intermediate purification and polishing of viruses and other large biomolecules (molecular weight >700000).

  • Novel core bead technology allows efficient capture of contaminants while target molecules are collected in the flowthrough
  • Significantly improved productivity and higher flow rates compared with gel filtration methods
  • Straightforward optimisation due to flowthrough chromatography and robust performance
  • Convenient small-scale purification, process development, and scale-up using prepacked HiTrap and HiScreen columns

The novel core bead technology and multimodal, octylamine ligand give dual functionality, size exclusion, and binding chromatography in one chromatography medium (resin). Available in various pack sizes for packing columns and in convenient, prepacked formats.
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