Sample Grinding Kit

Proveedor: Cytiva
80-6483-37EA 510 EUR
Sample Grinding Kit
Extracción de proteínas Protein Extraction Kits
Sample grinding kit is ready to use for disrupting small tissue and cell samples for protein extraction.

  • Uses 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes, grinding resin and disposable pestles
  • Process up to 100 mg of sample per tube in about 10 minutes

The kit consists of 1,5 ml microcentrifuge tubes, each containing a small quantity of abrasive grinding resin suspended in water, and disposable pestles for grinding. The tube is first centrifuged to pellet the resin and water is removed. Then an extraction solution of choice and the sample are added to the tube, and the pestle is used to grind the sample. After centrifugation, cellular debris and grinding resin pellet firmly in the bottom of the conical tube, and the supernatant is easily pipetted out.
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