illustra™ TempliPhi Large construct DNA amplification kit

Proveedor: Cytiva
illustra™ TempliPhi™
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illustra™ TempliPhi Large construct DNA amplification kit
Reactivos de ácidos nucleicos Isothermal Amplification Reagents
illustra™ TempliPhi large construct DNA amplification kit (TempliPhi LC kit) is used to prepare templates for BAC or fosmid DNA sequencing.

  • Start from microlitre quantities of purified templates, as well as bacterial culture or glycerol stocks
  • Generate 5 μg amounts of total DNA
  • Simplified process, 20 minute hands-on time
  • Amplification is completed in 18 hours without thermal cycling
  • Simple, automation friendly protocol with great reproducibility

The TempliPhi method utilises bacteriophage Phi29 DNA polymerase enzyme to exponentially amplify single- or double-stranded circular DNA templates by rolling circle amplification (RCA).
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