Precast gels, PhastGel® IEF

Proveedor: Cytiva
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Precast gels, PhastGel® IEF
Geles de eletroforesis Geles prefabricados
PhastGel® IEF media are precast homogeneous (5% T, 3% C) polyacrylamide gels containing 2% to 6% pharmalyte as carrier ampholyte. Pharmalyte generates stable, linear pH gradients with uniform conductivity across the entire pH range, allowing field strengths >500 V/cm for high resolution separations.

  • Separate proteins and peptides on denaturing, native, and isoelectric focusing gels
  • Save time and improve reproducibility with precast gels, buffer strips and staining kits
  • Achieve detection sensitivity comparable to that of radioisotopes with ready to use silver staining kits
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