Cryostat, CM1860 UV

Proveedor: Leica
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Cryostat, CM1860 UV
Microtomas Micrótomos
CM1860 UV is a high-throughput clinical cryostat with AgProtect™ with UV protection. It has the precision to consistently cut thin sections and the reliability that means it’s ready whenever a patient needs your skills to provide an accurate diagnosis. Cut consistent, high-quality sections thanks to the precision of the microtome's stepper motor feed-in. The system helps protect against potential biohazardous exposures and provides ergonomic features that can reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). Reduce exposure to most bacteria, virus, and fungi by disinfecting the cryochamber at cold temperatures using safe, highly effective, ozone-free UVC irradiation. (CM1860UV-system)

  • Quickly freeze specimens down to −40 °C with the regular freezing shelf
  • Additional cooling with the Peltier element providing up to 17 K difference to the shelf temperature
  • More sections in less time, movable cryochamber shelf

Section thickness range: Standard range 1 to 100 μm in 1 µm increments

Cutting stroke: 59 mm

Max specimen size: 55×55 mm or 55×80 mm
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