Empty columns, XK series

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Empty columns, XK series
Columnas de cromatografía
XK empty columns are designed for liquid chromatography at low to medium pressure. The user friendly design ensures trouble-free operation with fittings for direct connection to high performance liquid chromatography systems. They are compatible with aqueous solutions and most organic solvents used in liquid chromatography of macromolecules. They are not resistant to acetone, ktones, chlorinated hydrocarbons, aliphatic esters and phenol. Should be avoided: >10% NaOH, >10% HCl, >5% acetic acid and strong mineral acids.

  • Robust design provides reliable and reproducible separations
  • Plunger design ensures homogeneous buffer distribution and reproducible packing
  • Adapter QuickLock mechanism facilitates column handling and cleaning
  • Cooling jacket for sensitive purifications
  • Porosity: 10 μm
  • Bed support: PP (reinforced glassfibre) and PA net

The tube material is borosilicate glass, which allows for visual inspection of the media bed. These columns are made of biocompatible materials that exhibit excellent chemical resistance; borosilicate glass, polyamide, PP, PTFE, ETFE, FEP, PMMA (Acrylic). A broad range of column dimensions makes it suitable for many different purification needs. Column packing can be performed using either a packing reservoir or an extra column tube attached with a packing connector.

An extensive range of spare parts are available, please enquire for further details.
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