Microtome blades

Proveedor: Leica
631-1083EA 119 EUR
631-1083 631-1082 631-1081 631-1080 631-1084
Microtome blades
Microtomas Cuchillas y mangos de micrótomo
With these blades it is easy to section a wide range of tissues. Edge encourages immediate ribboning. Premium edge geometry with 35° angle, so no adjustments are needed for the microtome. The uniform coating plus fine and consistent honing helps eliminating sectioning variation. A durable cutting edge is warranted. Quality of each section block-after-block. Expected results with each blade in the dispenser and between different lots will be achieved. There are no sharp corners. When the blade is positioned in the blade holder assembly of the microtome, the blade is fully covered except for the cutting edge.

  • Sharp edge
  • Durability
  • Consistency
  • User safety
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