Cation exchange chromatography columns, Mono S

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Cation exchange chromatography columns, Mono S
Mono S™ columns are strong cation exchange chromatography columns for protein analysis or small scale high resolution polishing of proteins.

  • Packed with MonoBeads™ S strong cation exchange chromatography resin
  • Monodispersed 10 µm porous beads provide high resolution, reproducibility, and durability
  • Tricorn column format, compatible with ÄKTA™ systems and other high-performance liquid chromatography (LC) systems
  • Greater loading capacity but slightly lower resolution than with MiniBeads columns

Mono S™ columns are prepacked with MonoBeads™ S resin, a strong cation exchanger for high-performance ion exchange chromatography (IEX) of proteins, peptides, polynucleotides, and other biomolecules.

MonoBeads™ is a polystyrene/divinyl benzene resin. High efficiency is obtained from the use of small, spherical, monodispersed beads (10 µm), expertly packed in high-performance columns. This high efficiency, coupled with the excellent selectivity of the S substituents, results in high-resolution separation.

Columns prepacked with Mono S™ resin have been utilized successfully in many applications, such as:
• Purification of an RNAi effector nuclease from cultured Drosophila cells; identified as Argonaute2
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