Autoinduction systems, Overnight Express™ NMR Media

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Autoinduction systems, Overnight Express™ NMR Media
Expresión de proteínas Sistemas para expresión de proteínas
The Overnight Express™ Autoinduction Systems enable regulated protein expression in E. coli, without monitoring the culture or adding inducer during cell growth.

With Overnight Express™ Autoinduction Systems, a period of cell growth is followed by spontaneous induction of protein expression – without monitoring cell density and without conventional induction with IPTG. The method is based on media components that are metabolised differentially to promote growth to high density and automatically induce protein expression from lac promoters.

The Overnight Express™ Autoinduction System is extremely convenient for routine expression of proteins in multiple cultures and is ideal for high-throughput parallel analysis of protein expression, solubility, and purification from multiple expression clones.

Overnight Express™ NMR Media: The Overnight Express™ Autoinduction NMR Media offer convenient, high yield expression and efficient isotopic labelling of recombinant proteins for NMR analysis. Each kit includes reagents to make non-inducing, chemically defined starter medium. Starter medium can be used for staged growth without expression, prior to labelling, and for stable storage of bacterial strains containing expression plasmids.

Overnight Express™ Autoinduction NMR Medium - Optimisation: To optimise cell growth and protein expression in minimal medium, before preparing isotopically labelled target proteins for NMR spectroscopy
Overnight Express™ Autoinduction NMR Medium - ¹⁵N: To produce [U-¹⁵N] labelled proteins to assess suitability for further analysis
Overnight Express™ Autoinduction NMR Medium - ¹⁵N, ¹³C: To produce [U-¹⁵N, U-¹³C] labelled proteins to determine structure when supplemented with ¹³C-labelled glycerol
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