PharmPrep® P sorbent

Proveedor: Merck

PharmPrep® P
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PharmPrep® P sorbent
Sorbentes para cromatografía Sorbentes para HPLC
These particles have a perfect spherical shape and are available in two particle sizes: 10 and 20 μm. Together with a pore diameter of 100 Å (10 nm), these new sorbents fit perfectly into the polishing step of small peptides like insulin and other biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical APIs like antibiotics and hormones. This highly porous silica is produced by spray drying.

Because Merck Millipore performs the entire manufacturing process, you benefit from consistent batch-to-batch purification, while ensuring superior quality standards and regulatory compliance.

Mean particle size: 10 µm, 20 µm

Specific pore volume: 0,8 to 0,9 ml/g

Specific surface area: 320 to 400 m²/g
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