Hand cleansing wipes, pre-saturated, Kresto kwik-wipes®

Proveedor: Stoko
Stoko® Kresto Kwik Wipes®
115-1473EA 119.28 EUR
Hand cleansing wipes, pre-saturated, Kresto kwik-wipes®
Toallitas Toallitas y toallas desechables Toallitas presaturadas
These polypropylene wipes are moistened with a cleansing solution that is ideal for fast cleansing and pre-cleansing after contact with heavy-duty contamination, such as waste mineral and lubricating oils, graphite, metallic dust and carbon black.

  • Ideal for workplaces where there is no water available for cleaning hands
  • Slightly roughened surface provides consistent and reliable cleansing power
  • Non soapy wipes help to stop skin swelling
  • Slightly acidic pH helps to maintain the natural acidic protective mantle

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