HPLC columns, SeQuant® ZIC®-pHILIC

Proveedor: Merck

SeQuant® ZIC®-pHILIC
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1.50459.0001 1.50461.0001 1.50463.0001 1.50438.0001 1.50462.0001 1.50437.0001 1.50460.0001 1.50464.0001
HPLC columns, SeQuant® ZIC®-pHILIC
Columnas de cromatografía
ZIC®-pHILIC has the same stationary phase as ZIC®-HILIC, but is instead based on a polymeric particle for enhanced pH stability. The lack of silica practically nullifies background in high sensitivity detectors such as charged aerosol used for determination of organic and inorganic ions.

  • Solves extra challenging separations of polar and hydrophilic compounds
  • Enhanced selectivity optimisation potential due to very broad pH application range
  • Extremely low background with high sensitivity charged aerosol evaporative ion detectors
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