Columns, MicroBore

Proveedor: Agilent Technologies
VARIPL1312-1802EA 870 EUR
VARIPL1312-1802 VARIPL1351-1503 VARIPL1312-1803 VARIPL1312-1501 VARIPL1312-1500 VARIPL1312-1503 VARIPL1312-1502 VARIPL1351-1502 VARIPL1345-1502 VARIPL1345-1503 VARIPL1312-1301 VARIPL1312-3300 VARIPL1312-1300 VARIPL1312-3301
Columns, MicroBore
Columnas de cromatografía
The microbore columns are ideal for use with detectors requiring low flow rates such as some mass
spectrometers and with capillary LC systems. Easily accommodates high temperatures for better selectivity and resolution between impurities and the target oligo.

  • Thermally and chemically stable
  • Exceptional resolution and selectivity
  • Contain durable and resilient polymer particles that deliver reproducible results over longer lifetimes
  • High purity levels
  • Gives a highly reproducible material that is free from silanols and heavy metal ions.

This consists of a range of pore sizes and particle sizes, all with identical chemistry and fundamental adsorptive characteristics. The particles are inherently hydrophobic, therefore no bonded phase, alkyl ligand is required for reversed-phase separations. Columns within the extensive product range are suitable for nano/capillary separations, including both bottom-up and top-down proteomics, analytical separations, and preparative purifications.
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