Affinity chromatography columns, TSKgel®

Proveedor: Tosoh Bioscience
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Affinity chromatography columns, TSKgel®
Columnas de cromatografía
High efficiency resin based affinity chromatography columns will separate or purify many enzymes and other proteins with high level of specificity and selectivity.

  • Rigid polymeric base resin with high size exclusion limit (>5×10⁶ Da) and small particle size
  • Stable affinity ligands that enhances the access of large proteins to affinity ligands
  • High efficiency for analytical (10 µm) and semi-preparative (13 µm) affinity applications
  • Wide pH range (2 to 12) of the base resin, enabling robust cleaning options
  • Long lifetime, solvent compatibility, autoclavable, application flexibility, scalability from lab to commercial production
  • Eliminates undesirable interactions with column hardware

It consists of two group specific stationary phases such as TSKgel Boronate-5PW and TSKgel Chelate-5PW as well as one activated packing material called TSKgel Tresyl-5PW which can be readily scaled up for preparative separations.

Affinity columns are offered in glass and stainless steel. Stainless steel (SS) or Pyrex frits are embedded in the body of the column end-fittings of metal and glass columns, respectively. The nominal frit size for SS columns is engraved in the end-fittings. Pyrex frits in the glass columns have a 10 µm nominal pore size.
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