Spotlight: Real-time microbial sequencing

MinION devices from Oxford Nanopore enable rapid and comprehensive analysis of microbial samples — from real-time species identification and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) profiling to plasmid verification and whole-genome assembly.

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Discover the benefits of nanopore sequencing:

  • Portable and affordable - sequence in the lab or at sample source
  • Real-time data analysis workflows - including species identification, AMR profiling, and plasmid verification
  • Streamlined 10-minute library preparation - for rapid sample insights
  • Long sequencing reads - delivering enhanced taxonomic resolution and complete, reference-quality genome assemblies
  • PCR-free approaches - eliminate amplification bias and detect DNA/RNA methylation as standard

Sequencing devices

Find a nanopore sequencing device or starter pack to suit your microbial and microbiome sequencing projects – whether in the lab or field.

Getting started guides: Microbial and microbiome sequencing

Download our Getting started guides for best practice advice on sequencing microbial and microbiome samples, including kit and data analysis selection.

Whole-genome and metagenome sequencing kits

Perform rapid metagenomic species ID and AMR profiling, or generate complete, circular microbial genomes — in the lab or field.

Video: Same-day whole-plasmid sequencing in your lab

A low-cost, end-to-end workflow for in-house plasmid verification. Sequence up to 96 plasmid samples per run with same-day results.

16s rRNA sequencing kit

The 16S Barcoding Kit enables rapid, genus level identification of bacteria and archaea from up to 24 samples in a single, cost-effective sequencing run.

Discover how easy it is to get started with nanopore sequencing

View video tutorials, protocols, device specifications, and required equipment and consumables.

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