Solutions to manage complexity in global single-use supply chain for vaccines manufacturing


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Single-use systems have been proven to enable a more flexible, cost-effective approach to manufacturing monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), cell and gene therapies, and other complex biologics. In vaccine manufacturing, specifically, single-use solutions can facilitate multi-product manufacturing in order to increase capacity and reduce cost. Underestimating the regulatory, manufacturing and quality requirements for single-use products required for vaccine production as well as the complexities of a global vaccines supply chain can leave a company unable to quickly meet growing global demand.

In this presentation, learn why it’s important to adopt a global single use supply chain strategy as part of the early stages of a vaccine product lifecycle, with a case study demonstrating how innovative single-use solutions can both support supply chain security and enhance efficiencies in vaccine manufacturing processes.

This presentation took place as part of World Vaccines Conference on Tuesday, 20th October 2020.

Presented by:

  Timothy Korwan is Director of New Product Development at Avantor. Tim has 20+ years of experience as an engineer and business development with VWR, PAW BioScience Products, and Biopure Corporation where he has designed single-use products, components, and systems that are used by the global drug and vaccine manufacturing industry.