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xTIP4 pipette tips create an ergonomic fit on Rainin® LTS™ pipettes. Engineered for cleaner delivery of sample and the accuracy and precision you need for NGS, qPCR, and PCR reactions.

All tips are certified free of endotoxins, PCR inhibitors, DNA, DNase, RNase and trace metals. Biotix filter tips prevent aerosol contamination with a bacterial filter efficiency (BFE) of >99.99%. 

xTIP4 Filter tips

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Biotix uTIP filter tips feature innovative technologies that provide performance advantages for highly sensitive assays such NGS and Q-PCR. Providing superior sample delivery and an ergonomic fit on all major brands of universal pipettes (including Eppendorf, Gilson, Sartorius and Thermo Finn Pipettes), Biotix uTIP is fast becoming the pipette tip of choice for todays Molecular Biologist.

uTIP™ Filter Tips

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Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Barrier Tips are designed to fit virtually any pipette and application. The self-sealing barrier provides 100% protection against aerosols and liquid contamination.

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The VWR® PCR Workstation Pro HEPA offers twin decontamination action by UV inactivation of airborne and surface-bound contaminants and, therefore, represents an ideal environment for PCR sample preparation and other sensitive protocols

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